Our Services


Fumigation & Pest Control Services

1. Vessel Fumigation (In Ports & In Transit)

2. Container Fumigation.

3. Warehouse Fumigation (Under-sheet).

4. Barges Fumigation.

5. Silo Fumigation.

6. Fumigation Supervision.
7. Wooden Pallets Fumigation.
8. Vessel Ventilation & Gas-Free Certificate.
9. Vessel holds disinfection prior loading.
10. Warehouse Disinfection.
11. Pest Control Service.
12. Visual inspection of insects and infestation determination.

13. Disposal of Fumigation Residues for vessels at Discharge ports.

Logistics Services

1. Weighbridge Outsourcing/ Management.

2. Warehouse Management.

3. Storage & Release Monitoring (Truck By Truck)

4. Warehouse Technical Inspection.

Marine Services

1. Draft Surveys of Vessels (Initial, Final & Intermediate).

2. Ullage Measurement.

3. On/Off Hire Survey & General Condition of Vessels.

Outsourcing, Manning & Training

1. Outsourcing Service, staffs recruitment. 

2. Staffs Technical Training (Inspection & Logistics)

3. Port Passes Issuance. (All Egyptian Port Passes)

Geographical Footprint

1. All Egyptian Seaports: Alexandria, Dekheila, AbuQir, Damietta, Adabiya, Sokhna, Port Tewfiq.

2. Inland Locations & Warehouses all around Egypt.

Management & Technical Advisory

Providing technical advice and support for Supply Chain and Product Trading intelligence.